Apple in Water


I’ve tried the apple one more time, this time in watercolor. I like the clarity and luminosity of the watercolor, but it lacks the depth and solidity of the oil. I don’t know which I prefer! It’s fun to try the same painting in both media. I think one helps the other.

Apple in Lemon


I tried the same picture, but with a few alterations. I moved the apple a little more to the right of center and used lemon yellow instead of cadmium yellow pale. It seems to glow more and I’m pleased with the changes.



We have worked harder than ever this spring to protect our apples from the squirrels, who usually eat every single one. I was so happy that we have some apples developing that I took pictures of them and painted this in oils. These apples remind me of  decorations on a Christmas tree!

It wasn’t as bright or luminous as I wanted, so I decided to experiment and paint it again with using lemon yellow instead of cadmium yellow pale hue.