Inspired to paint!


My attempts to paint en plein air on vacation apparently were contagious. One day Elizabeth and William both asked for some paper, brushes and paints and each spent a quiet and satisfying time creating a painting, although neither from their immediate surroundings. (Elizabeth’s was an imaginary camping scene based on our previous stops. We had just a couple of days earlier visited a museum in Bennington, VT, where they had a display of works by Grandma Moses (painted at ages 60-99!) and I think Elizabeth was thinking of those images. ¬†William’s was an abstract).

I’ve given both of them quite a bit of art instruction in the past, so they had a good idea where to start and how to proceed. Maybe it was the quietness of the campsite and my painting that pulled them; maybe the lack of other distractions and activities? I was also satisfied to see them create with paint.

Forest Mansion


We have just returned from a camping and kayaking vacation in the North East. I wrote this a few days ago, but had no opportunity to post it.

–We are camping in New Hampshire, in the depths of a magnificent forest. These campsites seem to me like God’s mansions in a fantastic natural setting. I brought watercolor on this trip instead of oils and this was a 30 minute study from our campsite picnic table this morning.

The trees are extremely tall, straight pines, with the lower branches being oak and beech. The pine scent all around is delicious!


Unknown Flower


I took a photo of this flower in my mother’s garden, but I don’t know what it is. The leaves I painted here don’t belong to this flower. They were also in my photo and I liked them in the design.

I thought I should be including the sizes of the paintings. Since reading ‘Daily Painting’ by Carol Marine last fall, I’ve been painting in smaller 6 or 8 inch sizes.

Watercolor, 6 x 6 ins