I paint for the appreciation and enjoyment of God’s beauty in nature, people, and their relationships. Drawing and painting helps me to really see and know an object. I love the effects of light and the beauty of color. I thoroughly enjoy the process and I find it very satisfying to create my own personal record of the world I live in.

I was trained as an optometrist, but for the past 25 years have a been a home educating mother of 8 children, a job which still continues. Six have graduated (now I have six grandchildren!) and I’m still working with two at home. I have always loved to draw and paint. I’ve had lots of instruction from loads of books, but no formal training in art.

I also like sewing clothes and designing quilts. I find that for sewing projects I am excited by the possibilities and enjoy the end result, but often come to ‘tedious spots’ in the process. This never seems to happen with painting or drawing.