Painting for my mother


Statue, 9 x 12, oil

I am in England visiting my mother for her 80th birthday. A few months ago she asked if my sister or I could paint this statue that she has in her garden. She bought it right after my dad died in 2010. I had a go at it, from a photo I’d taken several years ago, and gave her this as part of my gift to her.


This is the statue as it looks today. The plantings have changed around it, so the foliage and colors look different. I rather like it as it is today, as it has more color and varied, interesting shapes. Should I paint it again?

My First Show!

Thirteen of my paintings are being displayed for the month of September in the Bellvue Gallery in Bloomington, IN. It is a small one-room gallery attached to The Farmer House Museum. We had an opening night on Sept. 2, where I played my harp and my son played his violin. We’ll have a closing evening on Sept. 30, when we will play more ‘family music’. I am thankful for the opportunity to have my paintings displayed publicly for a month!



Katherine and I sat in the van for 45 minutes one day so that I could paint this. (I felt very fortunate to I find a meter that already had a lot of time left on it!). The canvas I’d taped on the inside lid of my shoebox pochade had fallen off into the paint that I’d set out on the palette, leaving blobs of color all around the canvas! I wiped off the blobs as well as I could and then was happy to find that they incorporated into the painting in just the right places!