Art Journal I

I started keeping an art journal in August of 2015, after reading  Daily Painting by Carol Marine, and No Excuses Art Journaling by Gina Rossi Armfield. I bought a standard journal at Books A Million, and I kept this one all the way through 2016. On most days I painted in watercolor, or drew in Prismacolor pencils. On some days I stuck in found objects that were related to that day. week or time of year.

I have loved keeping the journal! Sometimes it was therapeutic-expressing an emotion, sometimes it was relaxing, and sometimes just plain fun and enjoyable. I love seeing the week’s page develop. I saw patterns in my life that were encouraging.

My children seem to enjoy looking through it, enjoying the pictures and remembering the events. My oldest daughter has asked me to leave it to her in my will!


2 thoughts on “Art Journal I

  1. Hi Mary, I really liked your journal too when I saw it. It’s nice that it can reflect your life just as it happens. I’ve looked ( vaguely) for similar journals in shops here but haven’t seen any, Maybe this is the year!


  2. I bought another one this year from the same publisher, but the paper was slightly different! I’ve come up with a different solution for this year’s journal, which I will show in another post!


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