Portrait Lesson IV

Finally finished! I feel my version looks a bit more intense than the original, maybe slightly more worried. The more I look at it, the more changes I see I could make to match the original more accurately. Whilst that seems to lead to a never-ending project, it is also one of the wonderful aspects of drawing or painting that I love; the more you look, the more you see, and you really come to know and appreciate that object in a different way than previously.

2 thoughts on “Portrait Lesson IV

  1. Lovely Mary, it’s a beautiful painting. I agree she looks less dreamy than the original but I think yours is still very similar. You’ll have to stop sometime ( to do another real person) and here is a good place!


    1. Thanks, Hil! Knowing where to stop is always a challenge! I’ve painted some more portraits since then, which I’ll post soon. I hope to take some more lessons during the next school year, and learn some more.


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