Portrait lesson II

She’s moved towards looking more life-like! We worked on shadows on the face and neck, the hair and the background. There is so much good information; the time is extremely enjoyable and just flies by!

One change I’ve made, following Kari’s example, is to start using a vertical palette. This is so the painting and the palette are seen in the same light, and to bring the paint colors closer to be judged more accurately. My vertical palette is actually just my horizontal Masterson palette mounted on an easel. The glass mixing plate is held in place by magnets; the magnets under the glass are glued to the palette. I like using it this way.

2 thoughts on “Portrait lesson II

  1. That all looks so interesting and so rewarding for you to study like this with Kari. Is the portrait on the right of the picture your effort? if so it looks amazing!

    V many thanks for the Friday email – do hope all was OK in TH? Tim has replied to his birthday greetings from me – it seems he is still with the same company but in a different location.

    Angela came down on Thursday, stayed for 3 nights, we had a wonderful time together – as always she is busy with projects etc, good to talk them through with her. Hil and Charlotte came for coffee yesterday, Hil is so good at making sure I’m OK, it certainly is good to have her so close by. The hip is no worse but really no better, am going to the physio tomorrow, Charley is having lovely walks with Alex and her team.

    Have a good week back in Bloomington, is Jim coming out this week? Much love, Mum xx


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