Really Plein Air


Acrylic on hardboard, 6x 6 ins

This time I really sat outside–on my deck, looking out at my backyard, early on Saturday morning. I really wanted to paint the sunlight coming through the trees and tried to make this a ‘response painting’ rather than an accurate representation. It became more accurate than I intended, but I like the effect. At least I put something down on the board before the sun moved above the trees!

2 thoughts on “Really Plein Air

  1. Hi Mary The sunlight effect really works! Looking forward to when you visit and maybe we could go out painting together? Love Hil x


  2. Nice work, Mary! This is exactly what the sun is doing in my backyard at this time of year! So inspiring! I tried to take a photo, but, it doesn’t do it justice….guess I will have to take my paints and have a go at it LIVE, like you! 🙂


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