Sleeping 1, caught unawares


img_0033 crop

9 x 12, acrylic on board

This is a one hour study from a photo. I love sleeping pictures because they are so unposed and the person is very relaxed. This daughter, though, thinks that it’s unfair to catch her without her knowledge, and I can understand her feeling of vulnerability. However, I still like sleeping pictures.

It was fun to see it come together as I placed the colors and values. I concentrated on her face; if I’d allowed myself more time, I would have changed the shadow on her arm, and worked on the fabric of her dress a bit more.


6 thoughts on “Sleeping 1, caught unawares

  1. Clever stuff in just one hour – well done! K’s face is excellent but as you say the arm needs more attention, I thought it was the pillow! Mum.


    1. Thanks, Mum! I’ve had a few people here say the same thing about the arm! The shadow is too dark and it should continue down into the dress. I think it would be more readable then.


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