Plein Air I


Acrylic, 6 x 6 in

This is my first attempt at real plein air painting, done in July 2017. We were on a 3 week family camping trip around the northeast and I brought my pochade box along for all 3400 miles! It was surprisingly difficult to find enough solitary, quiet time to concentrate on a painting. Plus maybe I was a little afraid of the process.

At a campground near Philadelphia I got up before everyone else one morning and painted this view from our picnic table. The early sun was lovely on the trees just beyond the pond. It’s pretty rough, but it reminds me of the peace of the moment.

One thought on “Plein Air I

  1. Hi Mary, I was really pleased when this arrived in my inbox, as It coincided with my painting holiday in Wells, and the timing seemed as if it was planned to be that way. I have been with a wonderful Watercolour painter called Keiko Tanabe who is from Califormia. I admire that you got your paints out despite the anxieties, and I really like the yellow of the trees. Did you do more when you were on hols or was it just this one? We painted out all week, and I had some disasters but also some success! If I had a blog I would post them, just to you! I went out on my own field trip this afternoon and must have been nervous because I kept dropping and losing things. I totally flooded the paper and ended up with lots of mud. But we’ve been out there doing it and that is progress! Please post more if you have them. Love Hil xx


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