3 thoughts on “Pink Roses

  1. Hey Mary! I am so glad I found your blog. I have been looking for other artist blogs to follow. Can you recommend any other artist blogs that you like to keep up with? I crave a community of artists but that, so far, has not been able to happen for me in my real offline life. Your paintings are stunning! It’s very inspiring to see as I start out on my creative journey.


    1. Hello Kait, Thanks for your comment. I mainly subscribe to other artists through YouTube, and through Patreon. I like PaintCoach (Chris Fornataro, instagram Forza43), and Simplify Drawing and Painting, Alex Tzavaras. I think they both have very helpful information for people starting with oil paint. I also like Andrew Tischler, Chelsea Lang and Susan Lyon. I have received a lot of encouragement through my local, in-person art association. Do you have one near you?
      Happy Painting!

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      1. I’d actually love to know if I do or not – how does one find out if they have one of those where they live? PS thanks for all the rich recommendations – I’ll check them out!


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